Our Expertise

About BNLS Law

Our firm is representing and advising clients in domestic and international matters with special expertise in cross-border business. Our law firm offers tailor made and boutique services in various fields such as corporate, merger and acquisitions, international arbitration and litigation, intellectual property, employment law, cross border compliance, compliance audits and due diligence, tax as well as restructuring.

The BNLS team includes around 20 lawyers, consultants and staff graduated from top law schools in the PRC and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers specialize in advising foreign enterprises in China and are proficient in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Portuguese and Hebrew. We deliver a full range of legal services, professional as well as practical in any situation of complexity.

How We Can Help

Corporate, commercial and business law

Our firm represents a wide range of entrepreneurs, multinationals, start-ups, long established corporations and family owned businesses from all industries and of all sizes requiring assistance in the running of their business or company in China.

Our team of dedicated lawyers focuses on all aspects of local, cross border and international corporate and commercial law.

This ranges from support around the incorporation of an entity in China, corporate governance, restructuring with a change of shareholder(s), officers and/or business scope, establishment and assessment of business relations in or outside China, drafting general commercial and international trading agreements (distribution, services, agency agreements, etc.)

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Mergers and acquisitions

Our lawyers can help with straightforward as well as complex mergers and acquisitions in China as we have vast experience in the full range of strategic and private equity mergers & acquisitions and related commercial transactions e.g. representing the client’s interest during the negotiations, assess and execute joint venture plans with in-depth knowledge of relevant industries such as healthcare, aviation, financial services, pharmaceuticals and technology.

We are equipped to help as we have an eye for strategic importance, regulatory complexity and the international legal aspects.

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HR and employment issues

We help employers and organizations with all their HR issues in China: drafting employment documents e.g. hiring strategies, bilingual employment agreements, employee handbooks, advise about employment of local employees or relocation of expats, HR disputes, guidance in case of illness or incompetence, guidance related to the termination of employment, calculation of salary, social benefits, bonus, share schemes and allowances and more.

We understand that employment issues must be handled with knowledge, tact and sensitivity. Our lawyers provide practical, cost-effective advice and solutions that work. If a solution can not be reached, we are able to represent you or your company in employment litigation or arbitration.

We also advise senior staff members who may be confronted with a wrongful dismissal or other employment issues.

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Litigation & dispute resolution

Legal disputes and lawsuits are stressful, complicated and time-consuming. Therefore we take a practical approach and communicate clearly with you what the best and realistic route is to follow.

Our lawyers also offer representation in alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation but when necessary, our team of experienced trial lawyers will take your case to court.

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Intellectual property

Our lawyers have extensive experience helping clients to register trademarks and develop intellectual property rights strategies in China. In order to be successful in China, regardless if you are selling on the Chinese market or just producing in China, handling your intellectual property right in the correct manner is extremely important.

We can help with trademark and patent registration, drafting royalty and IP transfer and licensing agreements, unfair competition, advise about copyrights, trade secrets, IP and antitrust law related matters.

We have successfully argued cases before different courts all over China to help our clients to get their IP property back. 

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Compliance, regulatory and risk

It can be very challenging to expand, operate or invest in a foreign country.

At BNLS we provide a comprehensive range of regulatory and compliance services for China, including cross-border compliance and due diligence. We help clients to conform to rules, such as specifications, policies, standards and laws, and we help clients understand the risks

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Debt collection and enforcement

We handle enforcement and collection actions efficiently and we have achieved great results in the past for our clients.

Our strategy and services include assessing your claim and file, investigating the  debtor’s background and registrations and check possibilities, pre-legal collection actions such as chasing through phone calls and emails to the debtor, negotiations, preparing payment agreements and payment monitoring, legal collection steps such as sending a demand letter and starting legal proceedings including applying for seizing property if possible.  

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